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Rotary Blood Bank Charitable Trust Faridabad( Regd), "A Charitable NO PROFIT M.NGO" is working for the last 11 years rendering service to humanity in various field Blood Donation and Voluntary Blood Donation Motivation, Health and Medical Ches Eye Camps etc. That Rotary Blood Bank Charitable Trust Faridabad ( Regd) is associated with all Rotary Clubs of Faridabad. Rotary is in service of General Public for more than 10 years. That in addition to Blood Bank, Rotary is rendering public service like pulse help to the physically handicapped person, Eye donation Camps, Flood relief Camps and general/natural calamities like railway accidents, earthquake etc.

Rotary Blood Bank Charitable Trust( Regd) has set up a state of art blood in Faridabad and 2500sq.ft space in a building No.2 Nursing Site, Sector-9 Market, Faridabad an approved site by Huda for a new facility, we have the option to expand and build up further.



  • 100% Voluntary Blood Donations.
  • 100% Components with 25% Leucoreduced especially for multi-transfused passing" e.g Thalassemia etc.
  • Every Unit collected will be tested for HIV-1 & II. HBV and HCV by Elisa-IV generation world standard Kits. In due course of time, Nat Testing will ALSO BE introduced To ensure Highest Safety. Every Donar and Patient's blood will be checked for ABO Grouping ( Including subgroups) Rh Typing ( INCLUDING C, D, E, E) Antibody Screening etc.
  • Helping and assisting Govt, efforts in Promoting Voluntary Blood Donation and Rational use of blood.
  • We will ENSURE that our Service Charges would be as per Guidelines of NACO and government of Haryana.
  • We will abide by all rules and regulations governing the Blood Bank Services.

The Rotary Blood Bank Trust has already been in the voluntary blood donation activity and it is quite hopeful of implementing education programs and blood drives in the surrounding areas of the project with the active participation of our trust and rotary clubs in the area.

We attack lot of importance for proper running of the project as it will play a key role in making the proposed center an effective resource and thus become a center of excellence with of the state of art blood bank facilities so that it becomes worthy model in this part of the country


  • Centrally Air Conditioned
  • Blood Collected only from voluntary donors
  • Blood is issued to all patients availing treatment in & outside hospital
  • ISO Certified Organization

 Blood Bank Has The Following Types of  Equipment

  • Blood Collection Monitors
  • Di-electronic Tube Sealers
  • Donor Couches
  • Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • Plasma Freezers
  • Platelet Agitator + Incubator
  • Micro Processor Controller Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Alisa Reader

Every unit of donated blood goes through a series of stringent tests by qualifies laboratory technologies for infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis Syphilis, and Malaria. Within 6 hours after a unit of blood is donated, it can be processed into 3 different blood products to treat a variety of medical conditions for example

RED CELLS are required to treat patients with anemia Thalassemia and patient undergoing major surgeries.
PLATELETS are used to stop bleeding in patients who suffer from cancer, leukemia or bleeding disorders dengue fever etc due to platelet deficiency.
PLASMA, the liquid portion of blood is used to treat burns and patients in shock and also provides coagulation factors.

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